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Shop BMW Brake Fluid Change

Parts that would be needed


Tools that would be needed



Important Note: This was performed on a 2007 E60 550i, other BMW models may vary slightly. E36/E46 do not require the removal of the cabin filter as the reservoir is already exposed. (In this case, jump to step where reservoir is already exposed)


Installation Guidelines 

Use Allen key wrech to twist (not remove) and lower the rod so you can remove the cabin filter housing



Remove the plastic piece on the side (shake it a little and it will come off)



Once cabin filter is removed, twist the 3 nuts (do not remove)



Remove the 6 star torx screw




And finally to access the reservoir, you need to remove this trim piece, slide the top piece to the right and at the same time, push the right side bottom piece upwards and it will come off (some wiggling maybe needed)



Lay all the pieces you removed and make sure you do not loose any pieces!



Now that the reservior is exposed, remove the electrical connection.



Clean area around the reservior to make sure no contaminants will fall into the reservior.



Keep the cap in a secure location so you will not get it dirty



Important: Remember to use a plastic bag to sheeting to cover the engine bay, you don't want fluid all over the place (corrosive on paint)

Use the turkey baster to remove the brake fluid in the reservior, remove as much as you can but leave a little in there to make sure no air gets into the system



Here is a view of an "empty" reservoir



Pour some brake fluid into the reservoir



Connect the Motive Brake bleeder to the master cylinder reservoir (remember to follow the instructions printed on the Motive Bleeder, Do not exceed 20 PSI at any time.)



Now, Start with the Rear right corner.

Jack up your car and remove the wheel to expose the braking system.

Remove the cap to the caliper bleed screw and attach the catch bottle tube as shown.



Once the screw is released, the oil brake fluid (dark amber) will start to flow



After a few minutes, the fluid will start to turn blue (this is why we use the ATE Super Blue fluid.



And finally, when the fluid turns completely blue, you know that the system has been flushed (well, at least for that corner). Tighten the bleed screw and remove the hose.


  • Here is the sequence of which corner to do first

    Rear Right

    Rear Left

    Front Right

    Front Left

  • Once all 4 wheels are done, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the Motive Bleeder and remove the Bleeder from the system.

  • Carefully reinstall everything back to normal. 

  • Remember to test the brakes prior to any driving

  • Now, with the money you saved, so have a good lunch or dinner!