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Shop BMW I-Drive Reset

The BMW I-drive system is wonderful on your new BMW, it informs you of the services that needs to be done. This is called the Condition Based Service (CBS). For many DIYers out there who enjoy doing your old change or changing out your brake pads or just simple stuff as BMW air filter etc.....The job is pretty simple (at least mechanically) for most. Once your job is done, you are left asking yourself, how do I reset the lights? because the computer is not "smart enough" to figure out that you have already made the maintenance to your BMW and the light is still on, its very simple, just follow the following steps and you are on your way.

Remember, this is only good for cars with I-drive that have the Condition Based Service. This is NOT for older cars or if you need to diagnose Service Engine Soon lights, those you would need the Peake Reseach Scan Tools.


Step 1

Insert key into the car's ignition and hit the "Start" button (without starting your car, so do not hit the brake pedal), reset the trip odometer to "0" and turn off the car.


Step 2

Simply reinsert the key again, and hit the "start button", again, do not start the car.


Step 3

Press and hold the odometer reset button for a few seconds until the yellow triangle with "!" in the middle appears.


Step 4

Quickly, release the odometer reset button and press it again, this shows you the first item that can be reset (do not reset anything that is still "OK"). Usually the first picture is the Brake Fluid (a circle with a "wave" like picture).


Step 5

Lets assume that you do want to reset the Brake Fluid light, simply press and hold onto the button until the word "RESET" appears beneath the symbol. once the word "RESET" appears, simply release the button and IMMEDIATELY hold the button down again for a few seconds until the light is reset.  (this step might take you a couple of times to master as the timing must be right, so if it does not work on the first try, just try it again).


Step 6

I like this step! Sit back and enjoy the "RESET" that you have just done, saved a trip to the dealer and also some $$$



To reset other Service Indicater Lights in the I-Drive

Step 1

Follow Step 1 to 4 in the above instructions, the first picture is the Brake Fluid, simply release the button and press it again for the next symbol (I can't remember exactly what it is but just keep repeating this step until you find the symbol you need. and then go back to Step 5 above.

Remember to be honest

Only reset the items that you have performed maintenance on, do not reset items just to clear the lights and not do the maintenance, these maintenance are crucial towards the longivity of your BMW, love it and it will love you back......


Happy Motoring guys!



The Bimmerzone Team