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BMW Spark Plugs Installation Guidelines

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Parts that would be needed

Spark Plugs (available at



Tools that would be needed

Torque Wrench


Spark Plug Socket 5/8th

10mm Socket

Socket Extension around 6"

Flathead Screwdriver



Installation Guidelines 

NOTE: This spark plug guide was based on the spark plug change on a BMW E46, therefore spark plug changes for other BMWs will differ a little.



  • Pop the hood and start removing the cabin filter as shown in the picture.


  • Remove the wiring housing (but leave the wires alone) by unclipping the piece


  • The picture above shows the wiring housing piece removed.


  • Now remove the 4 torx screws (T-30)


  • Once the torx screws are removed, pull out the cabin filter housing unit


  • Pry open the cover plates with a flat head screw driver


  • Now work on removing the nuts with your ratchet and 10mm socket, remember to remove the oil filter cap temporarily to remove the covers

  • Once the covers are removed, you will see all 6 ignition coils exposed


  • Here is another view of the coils



  • Pull the clip up (connection type may vary between models)


  • Disconnect the wiring from the ingition coil.


  • Pull out the ignition coil and use the spark plug socket (5/8) to remove the spark plug.




-And finally, the spark plug is removed, see how dirty and corroded it is?



-Replace all the spark plugs.



-Now re-insert the new spark plugs just how you removed them and torque them down to 18 ft/lb torque or 216 in/lb



-Re-assemble everything just how you removed it and wallah you have changed your spark plugs