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Shop BMW Window Switch Replacement

BMW Window Switch (E46 3 series) Replacement


Parts that would be needed

  • 1 Window Switch

Tools that would be needed

  • Screw Driver


Important Note: This was performed on a 2003 BMW 325i (E46), other BMW models may vary slightly

Replace your window switch when your window is stuck down and cannot go back up and when you here a little clicking sound on the door (not cracking sound). This is due to a faulty switch that keeps sending the signal to the window telling it to keep going down. Note that there are other reasons why the windows might not work, example, faulty window regulator and faulty window motor (very common problems), so do not assume is the switch, do your reseach and make sure its not any other problems.



Installation Guidelines 

First Step is to remove the shifter boot, this is very simple, its held by a few clips, you just have to push the bottom part (see arrow on the left) inwards a little and it will loosen the clip, then remove the rest of the clips shown (see the other 2 arrows). Notice that the shift knob was not removed (not really needed to be removed)




Now just lift up the black piece (also held by clips) at the red arrow locations.




To remove the trim, you need to remove the 2 screws located at the bottom of the trim, shown by the 2 red arrows.




To remove the window switch from the trim, release the clip shown with the middle arrow, once that is done, the clip at the back will come loose naturally.





And finally to to pull of the switch, pinch the 2 locations show by the 2 arrows to disconnect the wiring.

Install the new switch in the reverse order and you are good to go!





This whole removal and installation should take you about 15 with the money and time saved...... get a good lunch!!