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Shop Brake Disc/Pads Installation

Parts that would be needed

Brake rotors

Brake Pads

Brake Pad sensors

Brake disc set screw

Anti rattle clip

Anti Squeal Compound

Anti Seize spray


Tools that would be needed

Jack to lift up your BMW

Socket (to remove tires)

Allen Wrench (to remove the set screw)


Brush or air compressor (to clean as you go along)

Rubber hammer



Installation Guidelines 

  • Prepare all parts and tools, make sure you have all parts before you begin.

  • You may want to loosen the wheel lugs prior to start just in case they are "frozen" if that is the case, just bring your BMW to the local tire/gas station to have it loosen and of course tightened back up.

  • Now you are ready to go! Jack up your car (remember to follow ALL safety instructions by the vehicle manufacturer.

  • Use the sockets to remove the wheel and remove the anti rattle clip. On sides with the brake pad sensor, remove the connection to the brake pad.

  • Remove the Caliper guide bolts (caps too)

  • Remove the Caliper (if the caliper does not slide right now, which is usually the case, use the C-clamp to clamp the solid part of the caliper to the face of the rotor, the caliper will be easily removed)

  • Provide support to the caliper so that it does not hang on its own and thus destroying the brake hose. (try to use something better than what is picture to hold the caliper!)

  • Remove the brake pads from the caliper

  • Remove the set screw and remove the brake rotor carefully (its heavy!). A rubber hammer maybe needed as the rotor maybe seized to the hub,

  • Clean up the area around the wheel hub flange with the air compressor or just a simple brush. 

  • Position the new rotor onto the wheel hub and install a new set screw to hold the rotor in place.

  • Clean up the rotor with a clean cloth or brake cleaners

  • Install the mounting bracket for the caliper.

  • Push the caliper piston using a C-clamp into the caliper and make sure its in place.

  • Install the brake pads into the Caliper, installed the inner pad then install the outer brake pad.

  • Once this is done, remember to install the new brake pad sensor and connect it to the brake pad.

  • Position the caliper over the brake disc, install the guide bolts and the anti rattle clip.

  • At the mounting location, apply some anti seize compound, do make sure that it does not get onto the rotor surface (where the brake pad grips)

  • Make sure everything is in its proper location and secured.

  • Reinstall the wheel and lower your BMW back down.... Work on the other wheels and follow the same guidelines....

  • Once done....TAKE SOME NICE PICTURES :) and you just saved yourself a few hundred $$$