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Welcome to's Bimmer Care Section. This is your one stop source for tips and tricks on maintaining your car. Topics like general introduction, motor oil, BMW diagnostic flash codes, various troubleshooting items, waxing washing & detailing are discussed below. Most of the articles are not only for BMWs but also for all car makes as they share common grounds. Whether it is a BMW, Mercedes, Audi or even a Rolls Royce, we hope that this information* is helpful. If you do have any special tips and tricks or experience, please let us know, drop us a note. If it is suitable to be posted on this site, your great work will be posted on our site! We seriously appreciate your article submission. 


OE (Genuine BMW) vs. OEM vs. Aftermarket 

Here, you can find a quick explanation on the differences between OE, OEM and aftermarket, a good article to look at to determind the parts you need.



Brake Disc/Rotor & Brake Pads Replacement

A Simple and easy to follow guideline to replacing your BMWs Brake Disc/Rotor and Brake Pads.



BMW Window Switch Installation

Ever have a problem with your window not rolling up? Sometimes its as simple as a window switch going back, worst case it would  be the window regulator or motor, so check your Window Swtich first!



BMW Spark Plug Change

Need to replace your spark plugs, check out some simple steps!



BMW Oil Change (On N62 Engine)

Simple Oil Change instructions and save your money!



BMW Brake Fluid Change

Save a couple hundred dollars, change your own brake fluid every 2 years, check out some simple steps.



BMW Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAFS) Cleaning

Cleaning your MAF sensor once in a while is a good thing to keep it in tip top condition, but do note that eventually, you do have to replace the MAF sensor as cleaning can only do so much.



I-Drive Service Indicator Reset (CBS)

Need to reset the I-drive messages after doing your maintenance service without going to the dealer? check out these easy steps and save some $$.



Inspectiom I & Inspection II

Better inspect your car! Prevention is better than cure, included in this article are the check list items that is performed by BMW when your BMW is in for regular scheduled maintenance.



A Little more on Oil Service / Inspection Lights   

Lean about what they mean and how important these indicators are.



Motor Oil & Making Best of Synthetic Lubricant   

Maintaining engine oil is one of the most important thing a home mechanic can do. Contains information on how to change your oil and important DO's and DONT's. A great write out on Synthetic Lubricant is also at your disposal.



BMW Ecodes (Chassis Codes)

The list of the basic chassis codes for all BMWs, also known as Ecodes.



Cleaning Lenses

A DIY on Cleaning Ellipsoid Lenses.




A nice page full of useful information from our supporting partners, feel free to check them out today.



BMW E36 Technical info

Contains info on recommended lubricant fluids, the types, capacities and also torque specifications you need to maintain your BMW.



BMW Diagnostic Flash Codes

Understand the flashing codes and get your problems fixed ASAP. Contains instructions and the meaning of the diagnostic codes.



BMW VIN Number Codes

Understand what your VIN number means! A fun little VIN deciphering table.



Tires - Keeping You Safe

Tire types and tire pressure are key factors for safety and also longevity of the tires. Learn how to have longer lasting tires and stay safe always.



Detailing Your BMW

After all, we need to show of our cars right? Use the best stuff and make your neighbors be jealous of your car! Check out the great tips here. 



Air Filter

Your engine breathes, do not choke it! Simple maintenance tips you will need.



Transmission Fluid

Most people ignore it, until it is too late! Has several pointers on what to look out for and recommendations on when to change the transmission fluid.



Troubleshooting Your BMW

Basic symptoms and solutions.



Basic Troubleshooting

Basic symptoms and solutions.



Brake Light Circuit Error

Quick, easy and cheap fix to this problem.



How to fix "fogged" Headlight Covers 

Great detailing tip that helps keep the headlight sparkling clean.



How to fix the gray side skirts problem 

Don't like those ugly side skirts and not willing to pay much? Here is a tip!


Coolant Change 

Skip the dealer, DO-It-Yourself.