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Good Contact, Safe Driving

Tire pressure is very important to ensure driving safety and comfort. Besides that, tires will last longer and you will get better mileage. Tire pressure can be easily monitored by checking it every week with an inexpensive tire pressure gauge. DO NOT rely on the pressure gauge that is at the gas station as the accuracy is not good enough. Basic tire pressure gauge runs in the range of $2-$5 while the digital ones will be a little more than $10. The tire pressure requirement differs from car to car. To find exactly what is the tire pressure required, check the owners manual or the side panel of the car. DO NOT use the pressure that is printed on the tire as it shows the maximum load the tire can take.

Tire type is also important, in areas where rainfall is significant, rain tires are suggested as it helps keep the car on the road much better and a all-weather tire. Increasing tire sizes usually occur when enthusiasts want added performance to existing stock tires. Larger tires with heavy rims increases stability and gives a better "feel"  while driving. High performance tires and rims run from the hundreds to the thousands.......The sky is the limit!

Points to Remember:

  • Safety and comfort depends on the tire pressure.
  • Use rain tires for safety. Use Snow tires for the winter
  • Wheel alignment and tire balance are crucial for safety and maximum performance.
  • If you have the money, why not get high performance tires! They look really cool too.

General Tire Wear:

Shoulder wear is generally caused by under-inflation or people taking corners too hard. This kind of wear and tear could lead to tire shredding and is dangerous

Center tread wear is the case where the center is more worn then the sides, it usually points toward over-inflation. Always make sure you maintain the optimum tire pressure

Cupping is usually caused by an unbalanced tire condition, faulty wheel bearings, loose parts, damaged springs or shock absorbers. Bring your Bimmer to the dealer or certified mechanic for a check up.

Diagonal scuffing and cupping across the face on rear tires signals problems with toe. This must be rectified at the a mechanic as soon as possible to ensure no loss of traction or control.