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Transmission Fluid Change? Why Care?

The Transmission of the car is one of the thing we need to take care of the most beside changing the motor oil. Failure to do so will result in severe and expensive damage to your Bimmer. Once you notice a slight roughness or grinding sound of the transmission, action MUST be taken promptly to avoid any further damage. The must usual case is that the transmission is low on oil. Drain out the old fluid and top up with new fluid. Based on personal experience, the dealer charges around $200 while AAMCO charges about $100 for a full fluid change or best of all, do it yourself. The choice is yours.


If the noise persists, it could be a clogged transmission filter which is preventing fluid from reaching the pump. This will result in severe damage to the pump and other components. In this case, be prepared to empty out your wallet.


If you can check your transmission fluid, check for discoloration, if it is brown in color, it means that it has been burned, if you smell the burn, drain and replace immediately. Don't forgot the filter.


If you drive in any conditions indicated below, make sure you check and change your transmission fluid more often.

  • Frequent stop-and-go and  driving in heavy traffic.

  • Driving in hot weather.

  • Driving in dusty conditions.

  •  Driving at sub-zero temperatures.

  •  Driving on steep hills or mountains on a regular basis.