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BMW Performance Parts

BMW Performance is one of our focus areas,  At Bimmerzone, we carry a variety of BMW Performance Upgrades that will improve the performance, longevity and appearance of your BMW, We carry the famous BMW shark injectors, Stewart Water Pump, RPI Scoops, Powerflex bushings, Eisenmann, Supersprint, Remus and Akrapovic exhaust and much more!

BMW Eisenmann Exhaust

BMW Coilover and Springs by TEIN

BMW RPI Scoops & Filter

VSL Performance E36 BMW Aluminum Radiator

Hartge Performance Parts

BMW RPI Exhaust for E60 E46 E90

BMW RPI Exhaust Systems

BMW Powerflex Bushings

BMW Tubi Exhaust Systems

Brembo Gran Turismo Cross Drilled Slotted

BMW Brembo Gran Turismo

BMW Supersprint Exhaust

BMW Powerflex Bushings

PowerFlex BMW Bushings

BMW Shark Injector

BMW Shark Injector

Akrapovic Exhaust

BMW Remus Exhaust

BMW Sprint Booster

BMW KW suspension

BMW H&R Springs

Akrapovic Exhaust

BMW Akrapovic Exhaust

BMW KW suspension

BMW KW Suspension

VSL Aluminum Thermostat Housing

VSL Alum. Thermo. Housing

Brembo Gran Turismo Cross Drilled Slotted

BMW Rogue Engineering Exhaust

BMW Rear Shock Mount RSM

BMW Rear Shock Mounts RSM 

Hawk Brake Pads

BMW Maintenance Parts and BMW Peake Diagnostic Scan Tool

Being BMW lovers ourselves, we have some cool products that are interesting yet very useful for some specific models, example are the Space Saver Spare Tires,  Beastpower Brackets, N62 Coolant Transfer Pipe and the E39 M5 Mass Air Flow sensors.

BMW E39 M5 Emergency Spare Tire Kit

BMW Spare Tire Kit

E39 BMW Sway Bar Brackets by Beastpower

Beastpower E39 Brackets

BMW E39 M5 Mass Flow Sensor MAFS

BMW E39 M5 MAF Sensors

BMW E39 M5 Emergency Spare Tire Kit

BMW V8 N62 Coolant Transfer Pipe

BMW Stewart Water Pump by EMP

Stewart Water Pump

BMW E39 Headight Adjusters Aluminum

BMW E39 Headlight Adjusters

P21S car care wax cleaner

BMW Vinyl Graphics

Brembo Gran Turismo Cross Drilled Slotted

BMW Custom Blueprint Art

BMW Coilover and Springs by TEIN

BMW RPI Oil Cooler

BMW Accessories and BMW Car Care

Need to spruce up your BMW? We carry official BMW licensed products, which include BMW license plate frames, Key chains, BMW caps & wallets and more. We also have the VSL line of BMW carbon fiber emblem, Grilles. And finally, the last important aspect of owning a great BMW is to keep it clean, we have the best names in BMW car care, which includes Genuine BMW car care products, Zymol and P21S.

BMW Accessories License Plate Frame Key Chain

BMW Accessories

BMW License plate Frame

BMW License Plate Frame

BMW Key Chain, Key Ring, Key Fob

BMW Key Chain

VSL Carbon fiber hood emblem trunk emblem

VSL BMW Accessories

BMW Hood Emblem BMW Trunk Emblem

BMW Hood Emblem

BMW Key Cover Protector for Remote Key

BMW Key Cover

BMW car care genuine bmw wax leather

BMW Shift Knob

BMW Hood Emblem BMW Trunk Emblem

BMW Matte Black Grill

zymol wax and glaze

BMW Valve Stem Cap

BMW car care genuine bmw wax leather

BMW Carpet/Rubber Mats

P21S car care wax cleaner

BMW T-Shirts

zymol wax and glaze

Bimmerzone Detailing Kits

BMW car care genuine bmw wax leather

BMW Car Care

P21S car care wax cleaner

P21S Car Care

zymol wax and glaze

Zymol Car Care

Genuine BMW Parts and OEM BMW Parts

Don't like dealer prices?  We carry Genuine BMW parts as well as OEM, (OEM meaning Original Equipment Manufacturer) the part is the same as what you get at the dealer except that its not in BMW parts packaging, and in some cases, we carry aftermarket products that are at least on par with the quality as OEM. And of course at a fraction of the cost.

BMW OEM & Replacement Parts

BMW Maintenance Parts and BMW Peake Diagnostic Scan Tool

At Bimmerzone, we strive hard to provide the needed tools for your to maintain and diagnose your BMW. Thats why we carry only the Best BMW Service Manual by Bentley. Every had a check engine light or Air bag light on your dash? You need the Peake Reseach BMW Scan/Reset Tool or the AutoEnginuity OBDII Scanner. We also have put together a few maintenance packages.

BMW Service Repair Manual

BMW Service Manual 

Peake BMW Scan Reset Tool for CEL Airbag SRS

BMW Reset Tools (CEL)

BMW SRS Airbag Scan & Reset Tool by Peake Research

BMW SRS Airbag Reset Tools

BMW Service Repair Manual

Audi/VW/Porsche Service Manual 

Peake BMW Scan Reset Tool for CEL Airbag SRS

AutoEnginuity OBDII Scan Tool

BMW Maintenance Parts

BMW Maintenance Parts

BMW DIY Articles

Our goal is also provide every BMW enthusiasts and other automobile enthusiasts great articles and information (technical or leisure). We have a BMW Car Care Section where automobile owners are able read up on various type of articles including maintenance tips, troubleshooting, inspections, body care and BMW parts you may need. Some articles are BMW specific and some are for all cars in general. Whether you are an experienced auto enthusiast or a starter, we do our best to fulfill your needs. If you need any BMW parts or other auto parts, just drop by out BMW parts catalog. We are also constantly looking for great articles & info, so please feel free to check back anytime for new and updated info. If you have any great articles that you would like to share, just send it to us.


BMW Inspection I & II

Motor Oil & Lubricants

OE vs. OEM vs. Aftermarket

BMW E36 Tech. Info

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BMW Diagnostic Flash Codes

BMW VIN No. Codes

Detailing your BMW



Cleaning E36 Lenses

Air Filter

Transmission fluid

BMW Brake Fluid Change

BMW Brake Disc Pads Replacement

BMW I-Drive Service Reset

Brake Light Circuit Error


BMW Spark Plug Installation

Fogged Headlight Covers

Gray Side Skirt Fix

Coolant Change


Window Switch Replacement

BMW MAF Cleaning

BMW E Codes (Chassis)