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About these Genuine BMW Hood Emblems.


If your BMW is from the 1970s to 2010, use: Part Number# 51148132375

If your BMW is the Z4 (2003-2016), use: Part Number# 51147044207

If your BMW is the 5 Series or 6 Series (2011+), use Part Number# 51147057794

If your BMW is the 3 Series (2013+), use Part Number# 51767288752

At Bimmerzone, We also carry the following:

Genuine BMW Trunk Emblem & BMW Carbon Fiber Trunk Emblem

BMW Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Emblem

Genuine BMW Wheel Emblem & BMW Carbon Fiber Wheel Emblem


Do Checkout our video on the BMW Hood Emblem Replacement Guide


Due to the popular demand on the se BMW Hood Emblem's installation guidelines, we have put together a video and also a few simple steps to follow to remove and install the new emblem.


Installation Guidelines:

Replacing the BMW Hood emblem for your BMW is one of the most simple task that you can do and takes about 5 minutes of your time.

Step 1: Remove your existing BMW Hood Emblem

Pry off the existing BMW Hood emblem using a flat head screw driver or any thin hard object (like a used credit card), Make sure that you put a piece of cloth between the screw driver and your paintwork just in case. (Remember that you have to COMPLETELY remove the emblem down to the paint, if you have not done that, you still have part of the old BMW emblem on your car. (Does not apply to Z4)

Step 2: Installing the new BMW Hood Emblem

Once the old emblem has been removed, simply take the new emblem and "push" it into place (you will see two studs sticking out of the hood.

Step 3: Enjoy